Branchenbuch Hannover

Internationale Schule Hannover Region GmbH  

Straße / Nr.: Bruchmeisterallee 6
PLZ / Ort: 30169 HANNOVER
Stadtteil: Calenberger Neustadt
Telefon: 0511 27041650
Fax: 0511 27041651


Patricia Baier, Stephan Handwerker


Global transformation requires a transformation in the way we think about education. We are encountering ever more complex problems like climate change, economic and political instability, famine, conflict, and mass migration. These problems are not confined by and cannot be solved within national borders. In September 2015, world leaders ratified the 17 Global Goals and achieving them is the challenge of a new generation of young people. We offer a 3k-12 curriculum framework in the International Baccalaureate that offers opportunities to expand our thinking across international, cultural, religious, linguistic, political, economic, and social barriers. Our Vision for Learning articulates how we will create opportunities for young people to learn how to develop self-esteem, be confident, take risks, fail forward, and be resilient. We aim to help them learn how to develop empathy, to care about complex problems, and to prepare them to collaboratively find solutions.

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